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Worried about COVID-19? We have virtual options for your fundraising needs! More info

Create your race

Fund a race, rally a community around your cause, or just assemble a race for good. Let's do this.

Our virtual racing solution


Online registration & ticketing

Get your community to sign up for your race. We offer flexible ticket options, donation and payment integrations!

Mobile application

Let your participants complete their race and engage digitally. Let your community celebrate their impact with sweaty selfies and virtual high-fives!

Peer to peer fundraising

Get your race participants to ask their friends and family for more donations.

Sponsorships & storytelling

Spread awareness, share impactful stories and offer your sponsors attractive packages with visibility throughout your virtual race.


Premium service starting at $2,500 setup fee + user fees

*Discounts may apply, contact us directly for more detail.

Flexible race formats and ticket options

Running, hiking, yoga, mediation or multiple activities? Teams, individuals or both? Marathon or 1 mile walk? Donations, discount codes or free participation? One day event or year-long campaign? The flexibility of atlasGO allows us to meet your needs!

Start Your Virtual Race

Peer to peer fundraising

What are the specific features that will be included in our first version of this Peer-to-Peer fundraising? This first version will allow race organizers to:

– Set a fundraising goal
– Create competition with live individual and team fundraising leaderboards
– Let users share your URL to collect donations
– Track and congratulate participants and donors

More info
donation leaderboard

Your race, your design!

We implement the most important factors of your brand identity to make your community and sponsors feel at home. Your logo, your colors, your pictures, your event!

Start Your Virtual Race

Digital event? Unlimited potential!

Reach as many people as you want at limited cost. No headaches with complex logistics and cost physical events come with.  atlasGO can accommodate members of your community independent of geographical location and time.

Start Your Virtual Race
four young people stretching out on a park

Virtual Race FAQ

What is a Virtual Race?

A race that you run on an app! You don’t go to a physical event. You can run wherever you want and whenever you want. You are the boss of your own race. You can run in your neighborhood, in the parc, on a treadmill,… whatever you want! You can run alone, with your friends, with your dog,…your choice! Once you bought your ticket you will receive a code to join the race on the app and GO!

What is atlasGO?

atlasGO is a Social Business and certified B Corporation. Our fitness and wellness application let users from all over the world be healthy, do good and be part of a community.

We offer three different products: 1) provide virtual employee engagement campaigns for corporations; 2) offer virtual races for organizations to raise funds and build a digital community, and 3) provide a free community app that plants trees every time users log a wellness activity.

How much does it cost to create a virtual race?

Reach out to us and we’re happy to provide you with a quote! In general, we charge a fee to implement your virtual race based on your needs. On top of that, we charge a ticket fee and for the implementation of sponsors. However, we do not charge you based on the amount of funds you raise with your virtual race. The more you raise, the happier we are. We also try to make sure to offer you pricing that reflects a low-risk, high-reward approach to ensure a low barrier of entry for your virtual race!

What are the services you provide me with?

We will manage your project, help you to create impactful content, implement the technical aspect of your campaign, provide user support and maintenance. You tell us what you want, we set-up your race and you market it to your community. Contact us and we are happy to provide you with references.

How do I track my race?

You can track your race on the atlasGO app. It will smoothly integrate with your favorite tracking app or wearable (Garmin, Strava, or Fitbit). You can also track directly with atlasGO’s Live Tracking or enter your activity manually!

Can I add a medal for my participants?

Yes! Remember to ask us for more details when you reach out! Orders start out at minimum 100 medals. We help design, manufacture and ship the medals to participants.

Will you help me to market my virtual race?

We are happy to help you by providing best practices and tips on how to communicate and market your virtual race to your community. However, we want to set clear expectations that our responsibility is to deliver on the technical implementation, execution and maintenance of your virtual race. While we will feature your race on we cannot guarantee that members of our community will join your virtual race. It is your responsibility to market your race and to make sure that your community is joining your cause!

Can I try out the atlasGO application or see an example of a virtual race?

Yes, of course! Feel free to try atlasGO and give it a try. You can join one of our free challenges to experience the most important features of the application. Please consider that these challenges do not show you the whole set of options you will have for your virtual race! You can also contact us and we are happy to provide you with references.

Start Your Virtual Race

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